IUPAC Rules for naming Alkenes

IUPAC Rules for naming Alkenes

The IUPAC Rules for naming Alkenes are given below:

Rule 1: Select the longest carbon chain containing the double bond. This is the parent chain.

Rule 2: Name the longest chain. The name is obtained by dropping the final -ane from the name of the corresponding alkane and adding the ending -ene.

     Alkane -ane + ene = Alkene

Rule 3: Number the chain from the end closer to the double bond.

Rule 4: Indicate the position of the double bond by the number of the first (lowest number) carbon atom involved in the double bond.

Rule 5: Alkyl groups and other substituents are numbered, name, and placed as prefixes in alphabetic order.

Rule 6: Alkenes containing two double bonds are named as Alkadienes.

Rule 7: In naming cycloalkenes, number the ring to give double bonded carbons the numbers 1 and 2. Choose the direction of numbering so that the substituents get the lowest numbers. The position of the double bond is not indicated because it is known to be between C-1 and C-2.

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