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What is Chemistry? 

Chemistry is the study of atoms, molecules, ions. More simply we will say that science that deals with the structure and properties of drugs however they link with one another in line with their energy state.
It is just like the investigation of a substance in the manner they change and reacts with different substances.

Chemistry-Link Chemist

Which is the best site to learn chemistry? 

Link Chemist is the best website to find out chemistry. Because here you'll notice all the answer to your issues associated with chemistry. We teach every course deeply modify and justify every thought to the amount a median student is able to perceive.

What is the importance of chemistry?

Importance of chemistry is ineffable as a result of everything we tend to do is chemistry! We open our eyes within the morning and from there the employment of chemical starts till we tend to head to bed. Even the existence of various varieties of a chemical in our body proves its importance. If we predict rigorously Chemical reactions occur all over even in our body by respiration or ingestion. Everything no matter we tend to see, we tend to do is said to chemicals, and chemistry that the importance of chemistry is that it is the study of everything. Without it, we will not assume our presence on earth.
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